[UPSC Prelims Focus] Arsenicum album 30


  • A homoeopathic drug, Arsenicum album 30, has become a subject of debate after several states and AYUSH Ministry recommended it for prophylactic (preventive) use against Covid-19.

About Arsenicum album 30:

  • How is it made?
    • Arsenicum album is made by heating arsenic with distilled water, a process repeated several times over three days.
    • The health hazards of arsenic contamination in water are well known, long-term exposure to the metal can cause skin cancerpulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.
    • The homoeopath drug has less than 1% arsenic and Arsenicum Album is considered to correct inflammation in the body.
  • Its uses
    • Arsenicum album is used commonly by homoeopaths to treat anxiety, restlessness, cold, ulcerations and burning pains.
  • Significance in the Context of COVID 19
    • The Ministry of Ayush recommended taking a three-day dose on an empty stomach of Arsenicum album 30 as a prophylactic medicine against COVID 19 infections.
  • Concerns:
    • The WHO neither has any guidelines nor any effective evidence on using Arsenicum album as a Covid-19 treatment.