CAA’s Articulate – MANODARPAN initiative to provide psychosocial support to students


  • The Union Human Resource and Development(HRD) Ministry launched the MANODARPAN initiative to provide psychosocial support to students for their Mental Health and Well-being.


  • COVID-19 is a challenging time for everyone around the world.
  • This Global pandemic is not only a serious medical concern, but also brings mixed emotions and psycho-social stress for all.
  • Children and adolescents may be more vulnerable and may experience heightened levels of stress, anxiety and fearfulness, along with a range of other emotional and behavioural issues.

About the initiative:

  • The initiative covers a wide range of activities to provide Psychosocial Support to students for their Mental Health & Well-being during the COVID outbreak and beyond.
  • A Working Group, having experts from the fields of education, mental health and psychosocial issues as its members, has been set up to monitor and promote the mental health issues and concerns.
    • It will facilitate providing support to address the mental health and psychosocial aspects through counselling services, online resources and helpline
  • As part of initiative, a National Toll-free Helpline (8448440632), a special special web page and a Handbook on MANODARPAN has also been launched.


  • The MANODARPAN initiative has been an effort towards ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT ABHIYAN.
  • It will focus towards strengthening human capital and increasing productivity for the Education sector.
  • The initiative will help in giving equal importance to focus on continuing education on the academic front and the mental well-being of the students.